Leong Leong

Leong Leong is an award-winning architecture and design firm with offices in New York and Los Angeles, that focuses on projects that envision new relationships between culture and commerce, public and private, and the domestic and monumental. The studio’s interests are not defined by a particular project type, but by the potential to create environments and objects with cultural resonance.

Leong Leong’s design and research process is driven by a curiosity for new organization typologies and aesthetic experiences that offer new ways of living, working, and interacting with one another. Frequently expanding the role of the architect, Leong Leong’s approach spans between strategic thinking and material experimentation, from the city to the artifact.

Leong Leong’s work includes a wide range of projects and scales including buildings, interiors, exhibitions, and furniture, with completed projects in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Venice, and the Napa Valley. Most recently, Leong Leong won The Architectural League’s Emerging Voices Award of 2017 and exhibited work in The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.