Gabriel Calatrava

Founder of CAL (Collaborative Architecture Laboratory), a New York based design studio, Gabriel Calatrava is both a Structural Engineer and an Architect by training. He has worked extensively with his father, Santiago Calatrava, as an architect, engineer and manager of several projects with responsibilities that include coordination, presentation, and client liaising. He has served as the principal-in-charge and project director on many architectural, planning and interior design projects.

In addition to being involved with a number of high-profile projects in partnership with other renowned architects, Gabriel has worked on highly customized residential projects in New York and the UK. Among his accomplishments are designing an apartment at the MoMA Towers where the walls are positioned to create flexible living spaces; renovating the entrance of an old classic cast-iron factory building in Tribeca, and planning the art exhibit layout for renowned sculptor Alexander Calder at the Dominique Levy Gallery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Gabriel Calatrava is on the board of directors at the Municipal Arts Society where he is actively engaged in a conversation about ‘the city’, overseeing several urban design and planning initiatives. Furthermore, extending his commitment to the multidisciplinary nature of architectural practice, Gabriel is a board member at Pioneer Works—a centre for research and experimentation within contemporary culture.